Escape to Paradise: La Carolina Lodge

When we need a break from the heat of our little beach town, our favorite getaway to recharge and cool off is La Carolina Lodge. This magical place is located on the eastern slopes of Volcano Tenorio, in San Miguel, Bijagua, Costa Rica. San Miguel is further away from the coast and because of its mountain and volcano region location in the country the weather is cooler and more rain can be expected. This climate helps to sustain the lush tropical rainforests and all the wildlife that calls it home. It is perfect for hot chocolate and sitting by the fire.

La Carolina Lodge offers an off-grid cabin experience, incredible farm to table home cooked meals, and a unique wood-fire river-water hot tub by the fresh-water river that always rejuvenates our hearts. We love to go back and forth between the naturally heated hot tub, and the refreshing temperatures of the river. Our skin feels so soft and clean after spending time in the mineral rich waters. We were very lucky to spend the first few days of 2024 here with wonderful friends, breathtaking nature and the beautiful people who work at the lodge. 

A major highlight of the trip is always the morning coffee and breakfast overlooking the tropical birds who call La Carolina Lodge home. Toucans, Motmots, Doves and many other birds come to feast on bananas given to them every morning by the staff at the lodge out front of the dining room creating an absolute bird watching paradise. The colors of the birds are so vibrant and mesmerising.

We spent our mornings at the lodge appreciating nature, afternoons relaxing, and evenings talking about life and how to make 2024 the best year ever. We have big goals this year and hearts that a full of good energy. We hope to grow in many ways and to share our passions with as many people as possible.

Here’s to a beautiful 2024!

-Alex & Steff