Free Glide Costa Rica

Experience the thrill of electric foiling, jet boarding, and underwater scooters with our company Free Glide Costa Rica.

We are a unique eco friendly company in partnership with Pura Vida Ride, located in Las Catalinas. Our official Flite Board School uses the highest quality boards and beginner friendly wing set up to ensure an easy and unforgettable experience!

A Flite board is a hydrofoil powered by a battery and an electric motor,

which lifts the board and rider out of the water to reduce drag and allow for faster speeds and smoother rides. The rider controls the direction and the hand-held wireless remote controls the board's speed.

In addition, we are the first in Guanacaste to offer electric jet board lessons using the AWAKE Jet Board. The AWAKE jet board is a state-of-the-art, motorized surfboard that propels riders through the water at high speeds and allows for traditional surfboard maneuvers without waves or wind.

If you're looking to enhance your snorkeling experience, our underwater scooters will propel you effortlessly through the water with the push of a button.