Catch That Wave! Surfboard Dreams Come True.

Out of all our treasures, our surfboards take the crown! Thanks to the surfboard wizard AJ from Cannibal Surfboards at Corevac Composites USA, we now own two mind-blowing boards that make every wave feel like a magic carpet ride!

Our epic adventure for new boards kicked off with an invite to AJ's house in Costa Rica to check out his board stash. Picture this: it's like Harry Potter strolling into Ollivanders to snag his wand - the board has to vibe with you. And just like magic, when we laid eyes on our boards, it was like they whispered, "Pick me!" and we knew they were meant to be ours.

AJ is not your average board shaper, for example, to demonstrate the strength of the boards he surprised us by punching one them as hard has he could. As our jaws dropped in disbelief at the force in the demonstration we were amazed to see that he didn’t even put the slightest pressure ding, we knew at that moment we needed to have these boards.

We were totally sold on the idea that these were no ordinary surfboards - they were durable enough for our radical lifestyles and just pure magic!

Aj, the brilliant brainiac pulling the strings behind the scenes, is the wizard conjuring up the sleek and snazzy look of these boards. He works his magic by fusing top-tier aerospace materials to a core he sculpts by hand, then wraps it all up with layers of feather-light fiberglass and a fancy-schmancy multi-directional cloth technique vacuum sealed for added toughness. The result- A board that's tougher than nails, light as a feather, slices through waves like a ninja, and surfs like a total dream.

We are so stoked on these boards especially because we know they are going to last us a long time!

For information on how to get your own magical ride check out Cannibal Surfboards here: