May 31

A: Our neighborhood

S: Celebrating that it's Sunday

may 30

A: Marlon thinking of us

S: A new photography opportunity with a friend

may 29

A: Grateful that Steff films

S: Cheering on my favorite person doing what he loves

may 28

A: Draw 10 on the deal

S: This awesome Uno hand

may 27

A: Rainy day Scrabble games

S: Surprise grilled-cheese sandwhiches

may 26

A: This light show we got to witness

S: When the sky lights up the night

may 25

A: Learning the secrets of pâte

S: Learning to make pâte with a classic French Chef

may 24

A: Going on my brother's boat

S: Adventures with friends

may 23

A- Chakra dinners at the Lankas

S: Gatherings with beautiful humans

may 22

A - Relocating our babies to the earth

S: Getting to be right here

May 21

A - That Steff beat me in scrabble

S: Getting to play SCRABBLE!

may 20

A: The road we live one

S: Getting to relax at home

may 19

A: Our first crepé

S: Reading on the deck

may 18

A: Drone panoramic

S: Golden hour beauty

may 17

A: Lunch with my parents

S: When you get spaghetti AND chicken

may 16

A: Steff's tennis game

S: Getting to go back to the beaches

may 15

A: First rain of the season

S: The beauty after a storm

may 14

A: Us on top of the mountain

S: When Alex cooks breakfast

may 13

A: Stumbling upon this jackpot

S: This lovely bunch of coconuts

may 12

A: Sunsets that look like paintings

S: Our office view

may 11

A: Steff shoots me surfing

S: Early misty mornings at the point with my love

May 10

A: My Mom

S: This delicious quiche (and Bonnie!)

may 9

A: Our neighbors let us borrow this scrabble game

S: Evening skies that look like this

may 8

A: Berto's smile

S: Spaghetti dinner with new friends

may 7

A: Nature's visitors

S: That feeling of camping at home

may 6

A: Steff's new shoes

S: These beauties right here!

may 5

A: Poolside workouts

S: Alex's motivation through all the hard parts

May 4

A: Our neighbors the Vaughns

S: Writing poetry on our deck and watching the sunset at the same time

May 3

A: Being able to freeze time

S: Alex's many facial expressions

May 2

A: The fun in their household

S: Fresh fruit and vegetables from the market

May 1

A: Nature's symmetery

S: Mango smiles