Maxx & Kaija

Maxx and Kaija got married in the heart of Cat Canon Valley, Los Alamos, in the fairytale setting of Shokrain Vineyard, gathering friends and family from all over the world to celebrate their love. Everyone had a role to play in this joyous symphony, honoring the bond and unity between these two soul mates in the best of style. 

Gwen & Reese

Unbelievable memories with family and friends who traveled from across the world to witness this love story. Gwen and Reese, decided to have their wedding in Costa Rica at Reese’s family’s house, a home he helped build with his Dad, and a very special place to the couple. This tropical setting on the Pacific side of the country is filled with peacefulness and tranquility, making it the perfect place to say I do. 

Brett & Brittany

A week in the heart of Playa Flamingo, where Brett and Brittany celebrated their love with their family and friends. Highlight, their gorgeous wedding, in one of the most breathtaking venues of Costa Rica, is also one of our favorite destinations, and a place we call home. This love story is about two beautiful people, with an amazing sense of humour who are crazy about one another.