April 30th

A: My mom being born

S: Alex's Mom and her effortless cool and positive nature

April 29th

A: New squirrel friends

S: Celebrating Marianne Birthday

April 28th

A: For 3 desserts!

S: Whiskey's tree for blooming the most remarkable little works of arts

April 27th

A: Making coconut milk with you

S: Handstands in beautiful places

April 26th

A: Falling in love with you

S: Bringing a vision to realty

April 25th

A: Skateboarding at the Lankuary

S: Afternoon yoga flows while Alex opens pipas!

April 24th <3

A: Grateful for 2 years of us adventuring together

S: Alexandre Pierre Taulere...forever grateful for you

April 23rd

A: This fire was contained

S: Making new commitments

April 22nd

A: Making a present for my mom

S: Our first shell mobile

April 21st

A: Anything my dad cooks

S: Freshly baked tarts from our sweet neighbors

April 20th

A: Capturing her smile

S: Poems from Rumi

April 19th

A: My dad's chicken!

S: The magical evening light at Cafe Taulere

April 18th

A: The land providing

S: Papaya smoothie bowls with my homemade granola

April 17th

A: This wall of vines

S: Seeing life from different perspectives

April 16th

A: Our favorite spot

S: Our home

April 15th

A: Her yoga and scenic landscapes

S: Adventures around our home base with this face

April 14th

A: The electric sky

S: The four cutest neighbors anyone could ever have

April 13th

A: Taking photos for her

S: Mangos!!!

April 12th

A: Easter brunch "social distancing" version

S: Easter traditions

April 11th

A: Nature's swirls

S: Making & eating pancakes with maple syrup

April 10th

A: I survived climbing to the top of this

S: Walking through the jungle and having some fun

April 9th

A: For our new kitchen shelf

S: Popcorn popped on our cook-top and then drizzled with butter, honey, salt and fresh cracked pepper

April 8th

A: Finishing and delivering the video we made to Costa Rica Makes me Happy

S: Turmeric and ginger lattes

April 7th

A: Watching the sunset from our from deck

S: Our neighborhood

April 6th

A: That Steff can cut my hair

S: The sacred places that we go to appreciate nature

April 5th

A: Ninja challenges

S: Living life to the fullest

April 4th

A: Our first little sprouts!

S: La luna

April 3rd

A: Using our creative skills to help others

S: Filming alongside Costa Rica Makes Me Happy to distribute food baskets to Costa Ricans in need

April 2nd

A: We can still swim in the pool

S: Pool training & breath holding

April 1st

A: Our new (old) toaster oven!

Cuddles & watching Tiger King

March 31st

A: For our neighbor Bob

S: Being on top of the world with Alex

March 30th

A: Eduardo's Birthday

S: Getting creative with arts & crafts for birthday celebrations

March 29th

A: Going on an adventure

S: Watching the sunset at a new lookout

March 28th

A: Her açai bowls

S: Lounging on the deck with good coffee, good thoughts & the best company

March 27th

A: Our neighbor "Colita"

S: Catching a fish with Alex for dinner

March 26th

A: Hanging out with family

S: My Costa Rican familia

March 25th

A: She jumps

S: Hanging with the Tauleres

March 24th

A: The colors after the sun sets

S: Reading a script we wrote for a video we plan on shooting next

March 23rd

A: Steff got a new board

S: Relaxing in a tropical paradise

March 22nd

A: Growing our own food

S: The basket of food Alex's brother and Adri gave us

March 21st

A: Surfing with my love

S: Walking to the point from our front door

March 20th

A: We have each other

S: Our love

March 19th

A: My girl loves to dance

S: Our spot, where Alex carved our names in the stairs

March 18th

A: My brother and his businesses

S: Watching the sunset at Flamingo Beach

March 17th

A: Waves are toys from God

S: Being underwater and exploring the ocean

March 16th

A: Being on top of the world with Steff

S: Camping on a secluded beach with my love, underneath a blanket of stars.

March 15th, 2020

A: Getting to play tennis with Stephanie and the Hen (ya boy!!!)

S: Waking up early to watch Alex surf in Grande