june 30

A: Tennis lessons

S: The beautiful path to Playa Grande Beach

june 29

A: Sahid's natural tennis talents

S: Our garden

june 28

A: Every sunset I get to watch with Steff

S: Selfies with my best friend

june 27

A: Roberto's 3 years on earth

S: Spending time at the beach

june 26

A: For our cat named Tuna

S: Mocktails!

june 25

A: Stylish face masks

S: Having Alex by my side through Corona virus

june 24

A: Richard + his surf board collection

S: The colour orange

june 23

A: Fresh ingredients

S: These two smiling faces

june 22

A: Fresia's hot sauce

S: The colour green

june 21

A: Being able to celebrate Fath

S: Family gatherings

june 20

A: Rainy season sunsets

S: Tuna smiles

june 19

A: More dinners with Fre

S: Learning to make mango pie

june 18

S: Steffie's cookin

S: Finding flowers I've never seen before

june 17

A: Our awesome neighbors

S: These kiddos

June 16

A: Tennis

S: Leftover raindrops

June 15

A: Morning dew

S: Rainy day movies

June 14

A: Flowers!

S: Butterflies!

June 13

S: Stay-cations at the Lanktuary

S: Snuggles from mi amour

june 12

S: Coach Steff

S: Roberto's point of view

June 11

S: Richard inviting us to Witch's

S: Getting to go to Witch's Rock

June 10

A: Fresh cooking with Fresia

S: Teaching Fresia to make pâté

june 9

S: Coco Loco reopened

June 8

A: Nature's beautiful critters

S: This tennis court

June 7

A: Our local ten

S: He's a monkey

June 6

A: The artistic mural on our pool

S: Giant leaves you can hide behind

June 5

A: Walking down jungle paths

S: Walking back home after playing tennis with my love

june 4

A: Our new vision board

S: Rainy days full of inspiration

june 3

A: Dinner's at Fresia's house

S: This lovely lady having us over for a fiesta!

June 2

A: Friends that brew their own beer

S: Scrabble Battles with Adam

june 1

A: For future world leaders

S: Her smile and energy